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The Unofficial Guide to Mai Finance

This site is maintained by the Mai Finance community and serves as a resource to explore the breadth of DeFi applications associated with the platform and it’s stablecoin MAI.

Is this guide approved by the community?

This guide was developed by members of the Mai Finance community, also known as Qimps (chimps), to explore the Mai Finance borrowing platform in greater detail and present a variety of DeFi strategies by which users can derive additional value from the platform. This is not an official guide for Mai Finance, nor is any of this literature financial advice. As always with DeFi and cryptocurrency in general, do your own research, and only invest what you’re comfortable with potentially losing.

Where can I find the official documentation?

You can find the official documentation here: docs.mai.finance​

Where can I access the application?

The Mai Finance application can be found here: app.mai.finance​

What will I find on this website?

The goal of this website is to present a variety of investment strategies that utilize the Mai Finance borrowing platform. Topic samples include managing debts and repayments, advantages of borrowing the MAI stablecoin and how to integrate Mai Finance into other DeFi protocols/strategies. Lastly, information on how to efficiently use Mai Finance's native token, Qi, will be provided.

What will I not find on this website?

It will be assumed that users of this website are already aware of DeFi projects on Polygon, have a good understanding of how cryptocurrency works, and are informed of the different risks related to the cryptocurrency industry in general. This website will not explain how to setup a Metamask wallet, nor provide guidance on cryptocurrency tax reporting. It will also be assumed that users have a basic understanding of the Mai Finance platform, it’s fees and how the protocol earns revenue. If you have questions regarding these last few points, please read the official documentation (link above) or join the Discord or Telegram communities.
Last modified 2yr ago